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Academic Instructor: Hussein Chalayan

Design & Direction: Dean Sibrower

Model: Yasmin

Photographer: Dor Schwarz

HMU: Deniz Oglou

The outfit was made as part of the Hussein Chalayan’s workshop under the title - “No Borders”, which was about discovering the individual meaning for this title. My interpretation of it was a direct connection to my personal story and my upbringing in Israel, how “no borders” was an unrealistic idea and how fashion, and escapism through fashion, were means of survival and sanity in this chaotic environment, representing the only thing in the physical world that had no borders.


In the process of researching for this project, the idea of this escapism caught my attention in the way of making a glamorous moment in a chaotic environment. I have decided to go for a color palette which represent dirt and rubble (destruction of war), in materials that are a nod to the classical pyjamas of the 1920’s and zeppelin fashion.

Back at the time of WWI when bombs were thrown off of zeppelins over the skies of London, a new type of “zeppelin fashion” was created as citizens had to rush to shelter in the middle of the night, and wearing traditional night gowns felt exposed and vulnerable. That brought up new category of garments, “pyjamas”, made out of luxurious materials (like silk, satin and crêpe de chine), detailed, form-fitting and fashionable. 


The artwork/moodboard (on the right) was created for this project and represents fleeing from war and the contrast between talking about war and living it.

In my opinion, escapism is a power that fashion has over our perception, subconscious, and the way that we deal with life. That notion is the key element driving this project and the conversation on what’s happening in our world today (the war in Ukraine).

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