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Work Experience
Creative Direction & Content Productions


Juice cleanse campaign 2024

Direction & Production: Dean Sibrower

HMU: Maya Roget

Photographer: Dor Schwartz

The Prop House GmbH:

Creative Direction & Production [for content] - Jan 2023-current

Event Management - Jan 2018-current

Production: Yasmin SK, Dasia Schowengedt

Videography & Editing: Dor Schwartz aka Generation Black



made during B.A. Fashion Design studies at HTW-Berlin

Photographer: Generation Black

Models (by order of appearance): Steph, Tiziana, Ellie, Haein, Yasmin, Nuur, Olivia.  

Disconected-11 Large.jpeg


Event campaign for Digest Magazine

promoting queer art in Tel-Aviv

Photographer: Tal Maman

Model: Liel Bomberg

"Shifting Windows"

Editorial for La'Isha magazine

Accs: Carmel Barak

Photographer: Tal Maman

Model: Alissa (Yuli models)

Video art created as promotion material for Tel-Aviv's legendary party - pag.


Producer & Editor: Liel Bomberg

Creative Direction: Dean Sibrower

DoP: Alex Liebman

Drone: Lidor Ben-Ari

special credits: Fiat-Israel, May Bajach, corset by Nox-Studio, sunglasses by Private Vintage Collection, pag-family.

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