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Bachelor Collection

"Trailer Trash"

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Bachelor Collection_lookbook-56-2_edited

Academic Instructor: Hussein Chalayan

Design & Direction: Dean Sibrower

Models: Ellie, Tiziana, Steph

Photographer: Dor Schwarz

HMU: Anna Carroll

The bachelor project was based on the bachelor thesis (“The Ways in Which Perceived Quality Influences Today’s Fashion“) as the research for the development of the mini-collection.


Seeing the ways in which perceived value is working in the subconscious level, and how our automatic mechanism labels things around us as worthy or not in comparison, brought me to think of mid-west American society and trailer-park culture, and the way poverty gives place for prejudice and critic of lifestyle from the society around it.

Trailer parks have been places of refuge for many people in the United States for many decades, and sheltered, in a way, many people who have been rejected by society for not fitting in, while ignoring the consequential path which got them there to begin with. Back then many of those people have been either born into the trailer park in great poverty, or arrived there after struggling to keep up with a, so-called, normalized community, due to financial struggles, criminal past, substance abuse issues, inability to sustain a “normal” job, young pregnancy, and many more reasons which a “normalized” society finds less fitting, and labels as “trash”.


In the development of the collection it was important to challenge traditional notions of quality and value in the fashion industry by using materials or techniques that are traditionally associated with trailer parks for their practicality and durability, such as- denim, corduroy, flannel, leather and suede, and subverting those associations to stretch the aesthetic and its practicality, which refers strongly towards its origin but being glorified through the richness of the materials.

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