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Hey there,

My name is Dean Sibrower and I'm a fashion-design-graduate based in Berlin.

Growing up in the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv (Israel) was my first dive into creative thinking and the beginning of developing my own aesthetics.

I was always naturally pulled to observe life in a creative way and self-expression through art. I believe that telling a story through design is exciting and unique, and in my creative process, it is always important for me to create a story that sends a message, alongside a certain level of humor, in everything I do.

As part of my curious being, and my ambition to be involved in creative processes, fashion couldn't have been my only output, which led me to experience different disciplines of art and creative work such as photography, graphic design, creative direction, direction of film and photography, set design, and different hand-made technics of sustainable surface design & upcycling.

Stay in touch.

* * *

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