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Distorted Linearity

Academic Instructor: Prof. Johanna Michel

Print, Design & Direction: Dean Sibrower

Model: Haein

Art: Alexandru Ganea

The outfit was made for this mini-course about surface design and digital printing, in which the objective was to create a manipulation of fabric, which will then be digitized and printed digitally onto the selected fabric. 

The mood for this project was influenced by the global situation at the time, dealing with repeating lockdowns during COVID outbreak, and the passion to show up and dress up after an extended period indoors. The print represents an iteration of an animal print that serves as a second-skin for self-protection.

The inspiration for the print came from a fabric manipulation I have helped develop during my internship at Olivia Ballard Studio in Berlin, and was digitized using a riso-scanner, and then edited to create a custom animal print design which was printed onto a linen fabric using digital printing with a reactive ink, to create a springy menswear inspired set - a top with a necktie and a fringed back, and high waisted pants.

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