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Disconected-11 Large.jpeg

Academic Instructors: Prof. Anke Schloeder & Jorge Sierra

Design & DOP: Dean Sibrower

Photography: Dor Schwarz

Hair & MUA: Patrycja Zielinska 

Models: Olivia & Nuur

As Part of a project in the course “Creative Identity”, the brief called for designs that represent a piece of the designer’s life-story. 

“Disconnected” has given its name to symbolize the turning-point of my own story, about the times I felt disconnected from the society around me because I was ‘too gay’ for the small conservative town I grew up in, and ‘too queer’ for the gay scene in Tel-Aviv, that still to this day finds masculine traits as more attractive and ‘right’, and the same disconnect continues even today in Berlin as n immigrant.

It narrows down to the point of not fitting into the norm, or into that mold society thinks one should fit into to be found successful, attractive and a normal human-being.

Those ideas are represented in the designs through combinations of materials, colors, textures, prints and cuts.

It all started with the idea to design the moodboard as a postcard to my old self saying that ‘your good isn’t good enough’, something I have heard in my life many times while struggling to fit in.


The influence to the designs comes from my personal relation to the club-kids culture, which I chose to have as a reference point for the designs and the artwork in the moodboard, because of the significant influence it had on me and my personal development. The name for the project also plays a part of this reference point, and is meant to be seen also as DISCO-nnected”. That reference can also be seen in the video art that was made for the project, exposing a contrasted feeling to the softness shown in the designs.

The outfits include soft fabrics that were hand printed with custom prints and surface designs which give the essence of almost a child-like element to the garments.

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Subject 11_edited.png
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